Chicken Feeding Do’s and Don’ts: Suggestions for Pleased, Wholesome Birds

Chicken Feeding Do’s and Don’ts: Suggestions for Pleased, Wholesome Birds

Chicken Feeding Do’s and Don’ts: Suggestions for Pleased, Wholesome Birds

Feeding birds is a well-liked and rewarding passion for many individuals. Not solely does it present us with the chance to look at and revel in the great thing about our feathered buddies, but it surely additionally performs a vital function in serving to birds survive and thrive, particularly in the course of the harsh winter months. Nonetheless, in relation to feeding birds, there are some things each chicken fanatic ought to know to make sure the well being and happiness of their chicken guests. On this article, we’ll discover primary chicken feeding suggestions, together with finest practices and customary errors to keep away from.

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1. Use high-quality chicken feed

In relation to selecting chicken feed, high quality is necessary. Select nutrient mixtures designed particularly for the species of birds you want to appeal to. This high-quality chicken feed is freed from fillers and supplies important vitamins comparable to protein, fats and carbohydrates that birds want to remain wholesome.

2. Provide quite a lot of vitamins

Totally different species of birds have completely different meals preferences. By providing quite a lot of feeders, comparable to tube feeders, platform feeders, and suet feeders, you possibly can appeal to quite a lot of chicken species to your backyard. This not solely makes chicken watching extra thrilling, but in addition ensures that every chicken can discover a feeder that follows its feeding habits.

3. Maintain the feeders clear

Common cleansing of chicken feeders is crucial to sustaining the well being of visiting birds. Soiled feeders can include micro organism and mould, which will be dangerous to birds. Clear feeders usually with an answer of 1 half bleach to 9 elements water, and permit them to dry utterly earlier than refilling with contemporary feed.

4. Offering contemporary water

Along with meals, birds want entry to wash, contemporary water for ingesting and bathing. Take into account putting in a chicken tub or shallow dish of water in your backyard to draw birds. Change the water usually to forestall algae and micro organism buildup.

What to not do when feeding birds

1. Don’t use pesticides close to feeders

Pesticides and herbicides will be poisonous to birds, in addition to their meals sources. Keep away from utilizing these chemical substances close to chicken feeders, as they will contaminate the meals and water that birds rely upon to outlive. As an alternative, select pure pest management strategies to guard your backyard and the birds that go to.

2. Don’t serve spoiled meals

All the time examine chicken feed for indicators of spoilage earlier than feeding it to birds. Moldy or spoiled feed will be dangerous to birds and should trigger sickness and even demise. Correctly eliminate any spoiled feed and change it with contemporary, high-quality chicken feed.

3. Don’t crowd feeders

Whereas it could be tempting to fill feeders to the brim to draw extra birds, overcrowding feeders can result in competitors and aggression between birds. As an alternative, present a number of feeders with ample area between them to permit birds to feed in peace with out feeling threatened by others.

4. Remember seasonal adjustments

Chicken feeding habits can change with the seasons, so it’s important to adapt your feeding practices accordingly. For instance, in winter, birds might have high-energy meals comparable to suet to assist them keep heat, whereas in summer season they might favor seeds and fruits. Concentrate on the altering wants of birds all year long.

Case research: The impact of correct vitamin for birds

Analysis carried out by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology has discovered that offering high-quality chicken feed can have a major impression on chicken populations. In a research carried out over a three-year interval, researchers noticed a rise within the range and abundance of chicken species in areas the place high-quality chicken feed was persistently offered. This has not solely offered extra alternatives for chicken watching and delight, however has additionally contributed to bettering the general well being and well-being of chicken populations in these areas.


In conclusion, feeding birds is an effective way to attach with nature and assist the well-being of our avian buddies. By following the do’s and don’ts of chicken feeding, we will create a welcoming and wholesome setting for birds whereas enhancing our enjoyment of chicken watching. Through the use of high-quality feed, providing quite a lot of feeders, retaining feeders clear, offering contemporary water, and avoiding frequent hazards comparable to utilizing pesticides and serving spoiled meals, chicken lovers will help guarantee their feathered guests are blissful and wholesome year-round. .