Digging, Chewing, and Different Damaging Behaviors: Learn how to Redirect Your Canine’s Power

Digging, Chewing, and Different Damaging Behaviors: Learn how to Redirect Your Canine’s Power

Many canine ​​house owners have been annoyed after they come house to search out that their beloved pet has dug up the yard, chewed up their favourite sneakers, or destroyed the furnishings. Whereas these damaging behaviors will be infuriating, you will need to perceive that they’re usually the results of pent-up power, boredom, or nervousness. On this article, we’ll discover the explanations behind these behaviors and supply sensible methods for redirecting your canine’s power in optimistic methods.

Root causes of damaging behaviors

Canines exhibit damaging behaviors for a number of causes, together with:

  • Boredom: Canines left alone for lengthy durations of time can develop into bored and search for methods to entertain themselves, usually by way of damaging behaviors.
  • Anxiousness: Canines affected by separation nervousness or different types of nervousness could show damaging behaviors as a coping mechanism.
  • Extra power: Some canine have an extra of power that have to be directed to productive actions to stop damaging behaviors.

Redirect power by way of bodily train

One of the crucial efficient methods to stop damaging behaviors in canine is to ensure they get sufficient bodily train. Common walks, working, and playtime may help your canine do away with extra power in a optimistic method. Relying in your canine’s breed and power stage, chances are you’ll want to offer extra vigorous train to maintain him happy.

Instance: Max case

Max, a high-energy Labrador retriever, was vulnerable to damaging behaviors when left alone at house. His proprietor, Sarah, seen that Max’s habits improved dramatically when she began taking him on lengthy walks each morning earlier than he left for work. By channeling Max’s power into bodily train, Sarah was in a position to stop him from partaking in damaging behaviors.

Psychological stimulation as a safety measure

Along with bodily train, psychological stimulation can also be important to stop damaging behaviors in canine. Interactive toys, puzzle feeders, and coaching workouts can hold your canine’s thoughts occupied and stop him from changing into bored and searching for damaging actions. Contemplate incorporating common coaching classes into your day by day routine to maintain your canine mentally stimulated.

Instance: Energy Puzzle Feeders

Lola, a extremely smart Border Collie, had an inclination to chew the furnishings when her proprietor, Mike, was away at work. Mike started utilizing puzzle feeders to distribute Lola’s meals, forcing her to make use of problem-solving expertise to achieve her meals. Not solely did this hold Lola occupied and mentally stimulated, it additionally prevented her from partaking in damaging chewing behaviors.

Create a secure and stimulating setting

One other vital technique to stop damaging behaviors in canine is to create a secure and stimulating setting. This will likely embody offering your canine a delegated area the place he can safely interact in actions, similar to chewing toys or digging in a delegated digging space. By making a secure outlet on your canine’s pure behaviors, you may stop him from partaking in damaging actions elsewhere.

Instance: Bella’s case

Bella, a rescue canine with a historical past of hysteria, tended to chew home goods when she felt pressured. Her proprietor, Emily, arrange a comfy crate with loads of chew toys and a comfortable mattress for Bella to retreat to when she feels anxious. By offering Bella with a secure area and stimulating toys, Emily was in a position to stop her from partaking in damaging chewing behaviors.

Handle underlying nervousness and behavioral points

In some instances, damaging behaviors in canine could also be a sign of underlying nervousness or behavioral issues that require skilled intervention. In case your canine’s damaging behaviors appear pushed by nervousness or if they aren’t responding to preventive measures, it could be mandatory to hunt assist from knowledgeable canine coach or behaviorist. These consultants may help you identify the foundation explanation for your canine’s behaviors and develop a custom-made plan to deal with them.

Instance: The good thing about skilled intervention

Riley, a rescue canine with a historical past of trauma, displayed damaging behaviors because of excessive nervousness. Regardless of his proprietor David implementing many preventive measures, Riley’s behaviors continued. With the assistance of knowledgeable behavioral scientist, David was in a position to determine the underlying causes of Riley’s nervousness and develop a complete plan to satisfy his particular wants. By way of habits modification methods and focused coaching workouts, Riley’s damaging behaviors had been efficiently mitigated.


Canines’ damaging behaviors is usually a supply of frustration for a lot of pet house owners, however you will need to notice that these behaviors are sometimes the results of underlying issues that may be handled. By redirecting your canine’s power by way of bodily train, psychological stimulation, a secure and stimulating setting, {and professional} intervention when mandatory, you may stop damaging behaviors and enhance your canine’s general well being. Keep in mind that each canine ​​is exclusive, so it could take some trial and error to search out the fitting mixture of methods that works on your pet.