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Just 5 o’clock (Aidan Gallagher) I thought the world was back to normal, Umbrella Academy Season 3 Episode 1 lets our favorite superhero play against Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) Another carefully selected adopted child, the Sparrow Academy. Their confrontation is Luther (Tom hopper) And Marcus (Justin Cornwell) Surprisingly, I started a loose dance off. The new season on Netflix is ​​already making noise on social media, especially with the new version of Ben.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Episode 1 “Meet the Family” musical has won a lot of heart in the short scene of Klaus (Robert Sheehan) And Ben’s (Justin H. Min) Impressive ballroom dance. There were some painful moments, such as seeing Luther being beaten by Marcus. Fortunately for the umbrella gang, Vanya’s (Elliot Page) The blue emission energy explosion was enough to call it a day. Still, social media implodes the cheerful meme’s reaction to lameness. Readers can check it below.

The dance off was fun, but the culprit behind it was James Hargreaves (Kazy David) Hallucinatory poisonous spit. From its appearance, it can make affected individuals dream of their desires, or explain five other dreams of kissing Dolores. And when it comes to sparrows, the premier episode is all of them and their abilities, namely Sloan’s (Genesis Rodriguez) Gravity control, Faye’s ()Britne Oldford) Crow Summon, Alfonso’s (Jake Epstein) Ability to divert damage, and last but not least, the Christopher-Cyclonium Cube can be paralyzed by horror manipulation and room temperature control. Apart from the musical, the next shocking revelation is Diego (David Castagneda) To the fact that he is a father and no one is surprised, Lira (Ritu Arya) Is a mother.

When the umbrella finds a break at the Hotel Obsidian, a new threat emerges in the Hargreaves mansion, a pulsating red energy grows, which the robot Grace calls it a “message from God.” It’s hard to argue when it can dissipate Marcus and the cute little dog. Is this an event that ends the world that Five and others have to face? Hopefully the answer is in the rest of the episodes currently being streamed on Netflix.

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