One of the best methods to redirect your cat’s scratching instincts

One of the best methods to redirect your cat’s scratching instincts

Cats have a pure intuition to scratch, which is necessary for his or her bodily and psychological well-being. Nevertheless, this habits can typically result in injury to furnishings, flooring and different home items. On this article, we are going to focus on a few of the greatest methods to redirect your cat’s scratching instincts and supply them with acceptable retailers for this habits.

Perceive why cats scratch

Earlier than we are able to successfully redirect our cat’s scratching instincts, it is necessary to grasp why they do it within the first place. Scratching is a pure habits for cats and serves a number of necessary functions:

  • Marking their territory: Cats have scent glands of their toes, and scratching helps them mark their territory via visible and olfactory cues.
  • Sustaining claw well being: Scratching helps cats shed the outer layers of their claws and retains them sharp and wholesome.
  • Stretching and Train: Scratching is a pure type of train for cats and helps them stretch their muscular tissues.

With these functions in thoughts, it turns into clear that we have to present our cat with acceptable scratching retailers that can enable him to satisfy these wants.

Present acceptable scratching surfaces

Probably the greatest methods to redirect your cat’s scratching instincts is to offer him with acceptable scratching surfaces. These surfaces must be sturdy and lengthy sufficient to totally stretch your cat and attraction to his pure instincts. Listed here are some examples of appropriate scratch surfaces:

  • Scratching submit: scratching submit must be lengthy sufficient on your cat to totally stretch out, and it also needs to be robust sufficient to resist vigorous scratching. Some cats want vertical scratching posts, whereas others want a horizontal one, so it is a good suggestion to offer each sorts.
  • Cardboard scratchers: These are cheap and may be positioned in other places in the home to present your cat loads of choices for scratching.
  • Sisal mats or rugs: These pure fiber mats present a satisfying texture for cats to scratch and are sometimes extra visually interesting than conventional scratching posts.

Encourage the usage of scratching surfaces

After getting offered your cat with acceptable scratching surfaces, you will need to encourage her to make use of these surfaces as a substitute of your furnishings. Listed here are some tricks to encourage your cat to make use of scratching posts and different designated surfaces:

  • Place scratching surfaces strategically: Place scratching posts and different surfaces in locations the place your cat spends quite a lot of time, corresponding to close to her favourite sleeping spots or in high-traffic areas of the home.
  • Use optimistic reinforcement: Once you see your cat utilizing a scratching submit, give him loads of reward and rewards to bolster this habits.
  • Discourage inappropriate scratching: For those who discover your cat scratching inappropriate furnishings or different surfaces, gently redirect him to his designated scratching surfaces and reward him when he makes use of them.

Perceive your cat’s preferences

Each cat has their very own distinctive preferences, so it is necessary to concentrate to what your cat likes in terms of scratching surfaces. Some cats might want a sure texture, top, or location of their scratching floor, so be ready to supply quite a lot of choices till you discover what works on your cat.

Use deterrents for inappropriate scratching

In case your cat continues to scratch inappropriate surfaces regardless of your greatest efforts, it could be obligatory to make use of detergents to discourage this habits. There are a number of choices for deterrents that may assist redirect your cat’s scratching instincts:

  • Double-sided tape: Making use of tape to furnishings or different inappropriate surfaces might discourage cats from scratching there, as they do not just like the sticky really feel on their paws.
  • Smells and Sprays: There are industrial sprays obtainable that can be utilized to stop cats from scratching sure surfaces, as they don’t just like the scent.
  • Nail Caps: Delicate plastic nail caps may be positioned over your cat’s claws to stop injury from scratching whereas permitting her to show the habits.


Redirecting your cat’s scratching instincts is usually a problem, however with the appropriate method, it’s attainable to offer acceptable retailers for this pure habits. By understanding why cats scratch, offering acceptable scratching surfaces, encouraging their use, understanding your cat’s preferences, and utilizing deterrents when obligatory, you’ll be able to successfully redirect your cat’s scratching instincts and shield your furnishings and different home items.

Finally, the objective is to discover a manner on your cat to specific his pure behaviors in a manner that’s satisfying to him and acceptable to you because the pet proprietor. With endurance and persistence, you could find an answer that works for you and your feline companion.