Jennifer Connelly’s 10 Best Movies, According to Ranker

Jennifer Connelly's 10 Best Movies, According to Ranker

Jennifer Connelly is currently impressing audiences in Tom Cruise’s latest action blockbuster, Top Gun: Maverick, Snowpiercer on the small screen, but the actress has been involved in many other successful movies over the past few decades – many of which have flown under the radar of younger audiences. In order to take a look back … Read more

The ‘Karate King’ who also directed Malgudi Days-Entertainment News , Firstpost

Once Upon a Cinema: The 'Karate King' who also directed Malgudi Days

32 years after his passing, he is still loved and revered by the masses in his home state Karnataka as a cult action hero. But people from other parts of the country know him for an entirely different reason. Once Upon a Cinema is series which will illuminate the dark, unexplored crevices of Indian cinema. … Read more

Is our sports saddled with the malady of a nation living in denial? | Print Edition

Is our sports saddled with the malady of a nation living in denial?  |  Print Edition

View(s): Football has made strides internationally with the inclusion of Sri Lankan players based in other countries. Somehow, we seem to be a country caught in a web of derelict governance! Day in and day out we hear of people we regard as leaders of our land, acting with such selfish attitudes, that the last … Read more

10 Fullmetal Alchemist Characters Who Would Make Great Demon Slayers

FMA demon slayers

Demon Slayer is a “monster hunter” anime where sword-carrying demon slayers are sent all over Taisho-era Japan to slay flesh-eating demons in the dead of night. It’s a tough job, to say the least, but someone has to do it. And Kaguya Ubuyashiki, head of the entire demon slayer corps, is expanding his recruitment efforts. … Read more

Numerous community events planned for Stephenson County Fair – AgriNews

Numerous community events planned for Stephenson County Fair – AgriNews

FREEPORT, Ill. — All veterans enter the Stephenson County Fair for free on Tuesday, July 26. The fair, set for July 26-30, will also have a special admission of $2 per person on Thursday, July 28, for Youth and Family Day. “We’re doing a whole lot more at the fair this year than we ever … Read more

A fantastic rebellion | Shehr

A fantastic rebellion |  Shehr

after the success of Bahubali series, Rajamouli’s RR is popularly streaming on Netflix. It has reached the top 10. The title stands for Rudram Ranam Rudhiram in its native Telugu, which translates to rise, roar, revolt. It centers around the real-life stories of two Indian revolutionaries in the early Twentieth Century, Alluri Sitarama Raju and … Read more

10 Worst Dragon Ball Super Villains, Ranked

Dragon Ball Super Worst Villains Duplicate Vegeta Trio Of Dangers Tagoma Trio Header

Dragon Ball‘s fandom has experienced a renaissance over the past few years with the addition of Dragon Ball Super. The magnitude of stakes and scopes continues to balloon in Dragon Ball, but the trajectory and priorities of Dragon Ball Super reflect healthy changes for the series and its future. RELATED: The 10 Most Disliked Dragon … Read more

10 Retro Arcade Characters That Should Be Added To Fortnite

Arcade Characters In Fortnite Split Image

Fortnite, one of the most popular ongoing video games in the world, is known for adding new characters often. While these characters are purely cosmetic, sometimes they come with items or other things related to them temporarily or permanently added to the game to celebrate their inclusion. RELATED: Pac-Man Games You Didn’t Know About Usually, … Read more