Dance art and science

I started dancing later than many at the age of 11. But it soon became the only extracurricular activity I did. A secondary school insightful career teacher suggested that I pursue it full-time, so I enrolled in a dance foundation course at a further college of education. The university is located in Lewisham, London, a … Read more

Escondido Art Center supports works featuring police in riot gear behind dancing pigs – NBC7 San Diego

The Escondido Art Center is waiting for a decision to showcase its controversial work. A black-and-white photo of the rioting policeman has the acronym APAB spray in front of a line of dancing pigs. This work was featured at an exhibition at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido (CCAE) called “Street Legacy SOCAL Style … Read more

The concert will bring together some of the region’s finest old bluegrass, as well as traditional musicians and dancers. VTx

Celebrate the vibrant cultural traditions of southwestern Virginia with the region’s finest old-time, bluegrass, traditional music and dance masters. This multi-generational curated concert by the brim of Crooked Road, famous for music, singing, storytelling, flatfoot and square dancing, as you travel through the region’s rich history. The Mos Arts Center will premiere the “Spectacular of … Read more

Drake is ready to go to the dance floor with “Honestly, Nevermind” | Art and Culture

One thing we all can agree on about Drake is that he knows exactly what he is doing. Drake has built his career by understanding the industry, knowing what people want, and delivering it to them as hits one after another. He knows his whereabouts as a rap mogul and is one of the largest … Read more

Michael Bisping picks “master in the art of eight limbs” Alex Pereira to beat Sean Strickland

Sean Strickland (left), Alex Pereira (right), and Michael Bisping (front right) (Images via Getty)

Michael Bisping knows a lot about Sean Strickland’s fighting style, given the two used to train at the same gyms in California. And according to ‘The Count,’ Strickland is missing an essential ingredient in his mixed martial arts game to beat Alex Pereira at UFC 276. Pereira is a two-division Glory kickboxing champion who also … Read more

Dancing on the Edge: Zab Maboungou connects philosophy and physicality in Wamunzo

Philosophy is at the heart of Zab Mabouungou’s practice as a choreographer, writer and educator. Born in France and raised in the Republic of the Congo (also known as Congo-Brazzaville), the famous Quebec-based dance artist enthusiastically talks about this and the impact Africa has on world culture. “A great deal of effort has been made … Read more

Bruce Lee Vs Mike Tyson Art Imagines Fight Between Two Legends

Bruce Lee Vs Mike Tyson Art Imagines Fight Between Two Legends

Cool new comic book-style fan art pits martial arts legend Bruce Lee against iconic boxer Mike Tyson in a bare-knuckle street brawl. Movie legend Bruce Lee takes on iconic boxer Mike Tyson in new fan-made art. Martial-arts movies became a worldwide phenomenon in the 1970s largely thanks to superstar Lee. Sadly the screen legend passed … Read more

The art of depicting economic reality

Portrait of Robert Bushman

The yin-yang symbol is on the cover page of Robert Bushman’s teaching notes for his accounting class. A circle divided in two halves by a curved line, it expresses the Chinese philosophical principle of dynamic balance between interdependent opposites. Dynamic balance also underpins the fundamental equation of accounting: assets = liabilities + shareholders’ equity. This … Read more

Strict curiosity at the core of the sparkling triple building of Dancing on the Edge

Dancing on the Edge is never afraid to seize the opportunity with a talented local choreographer. So it’s no big surprise that the festival has collected three new titles this year with a rare triple bill. It is called Glint and will be available at the Scotiabank Dance Center for 5 hours from July 14th … Read more