Chinese police look for a dirty dancing woman photographed in a “too hot” routine in front of a little boy on the train

Chinese police are investigating a case in which a young woman, believed to be dancing on a train in front of a boy, was photographed after public protests against indecent exposure. An unidentified woman was filmed last Friday afternoon provocatively dancing in front of a little boy sitting on a train in Chengdu, Sichuan, southwestern … Read more

How an American Woman Helped Train ISIS Terrorists


A US citizen has pleaded guilty to charges that she aided the so-called Islamic State, or ISIS. last week, Allison Fluke-Ekren admitted that she provided military training to more than 100 women and young girls who served in an ISIS all-female battalion. An American Terrorist The US Department of Justice charged Fluke-Ekren with organizing, leading, … Read more

“When people see me and Kevin Magnussen train, they laugh a lot”

Nikolaj Madsen and Kevin Magnussen. Barcelona, May 2022. (Photo credit: Haas)

PlanetF1 spoke to one of Kevin Magnussen’s physios about the challenges of getting a driver ready for F1 in under a week and why they get funny looks when they are training. “It’s crazy,” Nikolaj Madsen told PlanetF1 from his home in Denmark. “I’ve got that question so many times where people say ‘how can … Read more

‘Deadly Yoga Retreat’ on Lifetime: How Jonathan Bennett’s agent discovered him in a train

'Deadly Yoga Retreat' on Lifetime: How Jonathan Bennett's agent discovered him in a train

Isabella’s marriage is falling apart in ‘Deadly Yoga Retreat’, Lifetime’s latest thriller. As she ponders what she should do to keep herself and her husband Patrick together, Isabella receives an invitation to a one-of-a-kind Hawaiian yoga vacation. Remy Morrow, a well-known yoga master, is in charge of the retreat. Patrick is all for the idea … Read more