The fantastic results of catnip on cats: what you must know

The fantastic results of catnip on cats: what you must know

Catnip, often known as Nepeta cataria, is an herb that has a wierd and fantastic impact on cats. Native to Europe and Asia, this plant produces a chemical referred to as nepetalactone which is thought to ship cats right into a state of euphoria. It’s normal to see a cat rolling and rubbing towards toys or vegetation crammed with catnip, however what precisely is occurring and the way does catnip have an effect on our feline pals?

Understanding catnip and its results

When a cat encounters catnip, they might show a spread of behaviors together with rubbing, rolling, purring, and even turning into extra playful. This response to catnip is genetic, as not all cats are delicate to its results. Cats’ response to catnip is because of the odor it provides off. When a cat smells or comes into contact with catnip, it releases nepetalactone which enters the nasal tissue and binds to receptors, releasing chemical compounds that set off the everyday catnip response.

What occurs when a cat encounters catnip?

  • Inhaling or consuming catnip causes a response much like that of intoxication or euphoria in cats.
  • Cats might roll, purr, and show playful conduct after coming into contact with catnip.
  • The consequences normally final about 10-Quarter-hour, after which the cat turns into proof against the consequences for a time frame.

Historical past of catnip and its makes use of

Catnip has been used for hundreds of years, with information of its use courting again to historic instances. It has been used for its medicinal properties, performing as a light sedative for people. Along with its results on cats, catnip has been used to deal with digestive issues, nervousness, and insomnia in people. Using catnip as a leisure drug for cats has gained reputation in recent times, with quite a lot of catnip-infused toys and merchandise out there in the marketplace.

Completely different types of catnip

There are numerous methods you’ll be able to supply catnip to your feline buddy. Listed below are some frequent shapes:

  • Catnip Toys: These are small toys crammed with dried catnip designed to entertain and stimulate cats.
  • Catnip Spray: A liquid type of catnip that may be sprinkled on toys, scratching posts, or bedding to entice your cat.
  • Contemporary catnip: You may as well develop your individual catnip vegetation at dwelling and let your cat play with the recent leaves and flowers.

Is catnip secure for cats?

Catnip is non-toxic and secure for cats to devour. Nevertheless, it isn’t really helpful to offer your cat massive quantities of catnip, as it could trigger abdomen upset or diarrhea. It’s best to offer your cat catnip carefully, and at all times supervise her interplay with it. When you’ve got any issues about giving your cat catnip, it’s best to seek the advice of a veterinarian for recommendation.

How does catnip have an effect on completely different cats?

As talked about earlier, not all cats reply to catnip. It’s estimated that about 50-70% of cats are affected by catnip, with kittens and older cats being much less conscious of its results. Allergy to catnip is hereditary, with some cats displaying no response to it in any respect. In case your cat would not react to catnip, don’t be concerned, it is utterly regular.

Length of catnip results

The impact of catnip normally lasts about 10-Quarter-hour, after which the cat turns into proof against its results for a time frame. This catatonic interval can final wherever from a couple of hours to some days, relying on the person cat. It is vital to not overexpose your cat to catnip to keep away from habituation and scale back sensitivity to its results over time.

Catnip options

In case your cat doesn’t reply to catnip, there are different herbs and vegetation that will have the same impact. Some examples embrace valerian root, silver vine, and Tatar honeysuckle. These various vegetation can stimulate comparable reactions in cats and supply an pleasurable expertise in your pet.


In conclusion, catnip is a superb herb that has a novel and sometimes pleasurable impact on cats. Understanding how catnip impacts your cat may also help enrich her life and supply psychological stimulation. You will need to do not forget that not all cats reply to catnip, and it’s important to make use of it carefully. For those who select to supply catnip to your cat, remember to monitor their conduct and be sure to don’t overexpose them to it. General, catnip is usually a welcome addition to your cat’s surroundings, offering hours of leisure and delight.