The science behind why cats scratch

The science behind why cats scratch

Cat scratching is a habits that many pet homeowners battle with. Though it could be irritating to seek out your furnishings or curtains destroyed, scratching is a traditional and essential habits for cats. On this article, we are going to discover the science behind cats scratching and the way understanding their habits will help you and your feline pal reside in concord.

Goal of scratching

Scratching serves a number of functions for cats, and it’s important to know these functions to forestall scratching habits from changing into an issue. Listed here are a few of the most important explanation why cats scratch:

  • 1. Marking the territory: Cats have scent glands on their ft, and once they scratch, they go away a visible mark and a scent mark, marking their territory.
  • 2. Train and stretching: Scratching helps cats stretch their muscle tissues and keep wholesome joints.
  • 3. Nail Upkeep: Cats want scratching to take away the outer coating on their claws and preserve them sharp and wholesome.

The science behind scratching

Scratching is an instinctive habits for cats, and is rooted of their physiology and habits. When a cat scratches, it engages many physique programs and meets completely different wants:

  • 1. Interact the muscle tissues: When a cat scratches, it engages the muscle tissues in its shoulders, again, and legs, which helps strengthen the muscle tissues and supply flexibility.
  • 2. Scent communication: Cats have scent glands between their toes, and once they scratch, they secrete pheromones that transmit data to different cats.
  • 3. Nail Well being: Scratching helps cats shed the outer coating on their claws, which prevents overgrowth and promotes nail well being.

Forestall harmful scratching

Though scratching is regular for cats, it could change into an issue once they goal furnishings, partitions, or different home goods. Understanding why cats scratch and offering them with acceptable retailers for his or her habits is crucial to stopping harmful scratching. Listed here are some methods to forestall harmful scratching:

  • Offering scratching posts: Cats want appropriate scratching surfaces, comparable to scratching posts or pads. It have to be sturdy and lengthy sufficient to totally prolong its physique when scratching.
  • Use odor deterrents: Inserting odor deterrents on furnishings or different off-limits areas can stop cats from scratching in inappropriate locations.
  • Trim your cat’s nails repeatedly: Retaining your cat’s nails trimmed will help cut back injury from scratching and forestall overgrowth.

The position of environmental enrichment

Environmental enrichment performs an important position in stopping harmful scratching and maintaining cats mentally and bodily stimulated. Cats want an setting that enables them to show their pure behaviors and fulfill their instincts. Offering a stimulating setting will help stop boredom and frustration, that are frequent triggers for harmful scratching.

The impact of scratching on human-cat relationships

It’s important for cat homeowners to know the explanations behind their cat’s scratching habits to take care of a wholesome and harmonious relationship. By offering acceptable retailers for scratching and understanding the wants behind the habits, cat homeowners can stop frustration and strengthen the bond with their feline companions.


Scratching is a pure and essential habits for cats, rooted of their biology and instincts. By understanding the science behind cats scratching and offering acceptable retailers for his or her habits, cat homeowners can stop harmful scratching and keep a harmonious relationship with their pets. It is very important do not forget that scratching is a necessary facet of a cat’s well-being and needs to be accommodated relatively than discouraged.